Towi gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided for this project by the UNICEF Innovation Fund

About us

We are excited to present you Towi´s research portal!

Towi was born as a platform to evaluate and develop cognitive abilities in children between 6 and 12 years old.

Now, thanks to the support of the UNICEF INNOVATION FUND, it is also a research tool that incorporates elements of big data and artificial intelligence to obtain information about children´s cognitive abilities and the learning difficulties that they can present, among other topics of scientific, psychological and educative interest.

Towi platform and its data base are available for research for free. To start using it you just have to register here.

Research projects

A videogame for the neuropsychological screening of children
  • Status: published / released on 2017
    • Rogelio Apiquian
    • Gamaliel Victoria
    • Marcos F. Rosetti
    • Maria F. Gómez
Effects of a computarized cognitive training over the efficacy of attentional networks in children
  • Status: In course
    • Martha Camarero
    • Erwin Rogelio Villuendas González
    • +
    • Esteve Gudayol Ferré
Eficacy of the cognitive training system towi in the cognitive performance of a school population between 6 and 12 years old
  • Status: In course
    • Rogelio Apiquian
    • Marcos F. Rosetti
    • María F. Gómez

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